The Gold Jewellery Store is an online jewellery shop that specialises in selling nearly new and used jewellery. We only stock products that have been tested and meet our high standards so that our customers are satisfied that they are getting the best possible products at all times. The pictures we use are of the actual product that is for sale and have been taken recently and without any further ware on the products, so what you see is what you get!

Customer Service

We would like our customers to have a pleasant experience in dealing with our shop at all times. We pride ourselves in the high level of customer service we provide and will endeavour to maintain these high standards into the future. All our customers are assured that we will respond to their requests in a prompt and timely fasion. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Secure Delivery

As we are dealing with jewellery products, we only offer secure delivery with all products purchased in our shop. They must be signed for by the purchaser and will only be dispatched when full payment is received. Proof of delivery will be available at all times and failed deliveries will be the customer's responsibility and not that of our shop. A full list of our terms and conditions can be seen here in our terms and conditions page.

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